Signs Small and Large Doomsday Complete

Signs Small and Large Doomsday Complete

Signs Signs Small Doomsday

Among the signs of Small Doomsday is a lot of slander, murder is rampant, people in those days like cruel and badness such as adultery, Air drunk drinking, gambling, they do not shy cruel proud even if his actions were done openly. Thus, people who cling to religion rather like embers in his hands clasped.

Signs Small and Large Doomsday Complete

In addition, minor signs of the apocalypse is the repeal of religious knowledge, the number of women than the amount of men, a lot of people who like to wear silk and gold furniture, the emergence of the preachers are misleading, distorted leaders, the mandate is wasted by people who are not submitted to the Experienced. Similarly, at times it will hardly ever rains, frequent disasters, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions. the prices of goods will go up sharply, women come out with a dress but basically naked.

Signs Small and Large Doomsday Complete
Signs of the apocalypse Another minor is a war between Jews and Muslims. Finally the Muslims kill them until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, and the trees or stones speak, "O Muslim, O servant of God! It Jew behind me. Come here, kill him! "Except Gharqad tree, because actually the Gharqad including tree of the Jews.

In that period of time will run very fast, so that the year as a month, a month as if only one hour, and an hour just like coals of fire that burns quickly.

And among the signs of the apocalypse Another minor are many people who wasted their prayers, follow one's own desires, the liar justified and followed, honest man be found a liar, people who like treason are considered trustworthy, reliable person is considered treason. Qur'an will be lost. What was left was writing but not many who read and practice it.
Signs Small and Large Doomsday Complete

Signs Small and Large Doomsday Complete

Signs Signs of the Apocalypse

    Companions narrated from Hudhayfah ibn Usaid Al Ghifari he said: Prophet watching us while we were talking. He asked, What are you the talk about? They answered, We talked about doomsday. He said, Behold apocalypse will not happen so that you see the 10 mark. Then he calls the smoke, the Dajjal, the beast, the rising sun from the sinking of the (West), the decline in Jesus, Gog and Magog, the three major landslides, avalanches in the East, landslides in the West, and landslides in the Arabian peninsula. The latter is a discharge of fire coming out of Yemen that will lead people to place their Mahsyar. (HR. Muslim)

The emergence of the Antichrist

Dajjal is a man of the offspring of Adam. He will appear at the end of time and will claim to be God. He came out of the East of Khorasan (now Iran). Then he walked the earth, he would not leave the country unless he entered it, except Aqsa Mosque, Tursina, Mecca and Medina, he can not enter because the angels guarding it.

The emergence of the Antichrist is a huge libel for the Muslims. In a hadith shohih be said that there is a heaven and hell with him. Hell is heaven and paradise is hell. And indeed there is a mountain of bread with him, the river water. He was able to tell the sky (to make the rain) then the rain came down. Telling the earth (to grow plants), the plant grows. Perbendaharan earth followed. He can pass through the earth very quickly.

Dajjal will be settled on the earth for forty days. But one day in the future is like a year, then the next day like a month, one day after such a Friday, and thereafter will be like a typical day. Then he would be killed by Sayyidina Isa ibn Maryam in the side door Ludd in Palestine.

Characteristics of the Antichrist

Our master the Prophet Muhammad tells us about the properties that we take care of fitnahnya. He explains that the Antichrist was a male, young, red-skinned, blind eye, do not have children, written between the eyes 'infidel' which can be read every Muslim.

Dajjal Ilustrasi Dajjal

    From Ubadah bin Shomit he said, the Prophet SAW said: Verily Dajjal is a tad short, bandy-legged, curly, blind eye, eye erased, not obtrusive and hollow-eyed. If camouflaged to you, then know that the Lord Allaah does not blind eye. (HR. Ahmad)

    He said: In addition to the Antichrist more I worry over yourselves. When she showed up while I was there among you, then I am the one who will break hujjahnya to defend you. When she showed up and I had not any of you, then each person defending himself. God who replaced me on every Muslim. Dajjal is a curly-haired young man, his eyes glazed, as if I liken it to Abdul Uzza bin Qathan (someone who perished in the period of ignorance). Whoever met him, then read him the opening part of surah Al-Kahf. He appeared in the area between Syria and Iraq. He made a lot of damage on the right and on the left. O servants of Allah! Stay (on faith and do not deviate from it). "We asked," O Messenger of Allah! How long he is on the earth? "He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam replied," Forty days. That a day is like a year. Another day like a month. And another day like a week. While other days as ordinary days. "

    We again asked, "O Messenger of Allah! On a day like a year, a small thing for us to pray for a day in the day? "

    He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam replied, "No. Estimate the level of the time. "

    We asked, "O Messenger of Allah! As to whether the speed of the Antichrist on earth? "

    He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, "Just as clouds in the wind. He went to a house, and then he invited the people, then they believe in him and accept. Then he ordered the sky to bring down rain, the sky was lowering rain. He commanded the earth to remove the plant, then the earth grow plants, so that the animals they come back at the end of the afternoon in a very good state, punuknya large and plump and full.

    Then he went to the other, then he invited the people, and it turns out these people reject it (they are still firmly with ketauhidannya), then he turned away from these people, then they are experiencing drought (no rain fell on their territory and the grass becomes dry). No treasure anything in their hands and they walked through the ruins, then the Antichrist said to the ruins, 'Take out the treasure pendamanmu,' the treasure pendaman ruins follow him as the queen bee. Furthermore Dajjal call a burly young man, and he split it with a sword into two separate parts away as far as the throw, then she called again, and then cuts the body facing face beaming with a laugh.

    In such conditions, then Allaah sent Jesus the Messiah, son of Maryam. He fell on the white tower east of Damascus, wearing two garments dyed, as he put his hands on the wings of two angels. When he bowed his head, sweat pouring like a jewel. Unbelievers may not smell the breath unless immediate death. His breath as far as the eye can see. Then Jesus looking Antichrist so that he found in Chapter Lud (place name Syria) and Prophet Isa kill. Furthermore, Jesus came to a people who have been protected by the God of the Antichrist, then he wiped their faces, he explained to them their degrees in heaven.

    In such conditions, Allaah gave revelation to Prophet Jesus 'peace be upon him,' Truly, I have issued my servants. No one who has the ability to combat them. Gather up the hill they have to Tursina (Make hill Tursina as a fortress). 'Then Allaah send Gog Magog. They fell rapidly from all the high places.

    The first person among them past the lake Thabariyah, then they drink the water. The last person was also passed, and then they say, 'Indeed, there was a lot of water in this lake' Jesus and his companions getting trapped, so the cow's head for one of them is better than the Seratu dinars for you all today ( because they are in dire need of food), then Jesus and his companions prayed to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. (They ask Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala that interference is eliminated immediately Gog Magog), then God sent a worm in the nose of camels and goats on their necks. Then they were dead as well.

    Then Jesus' peace be upon him and his companions down to earth. Apparently they do not find a place on earth one inch unless met by the stench. Then Jesus and his companions ask Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, then God sent birds such as the camel's neck. The birds were carrying the carcass of Gog and Magog are thrown at the will of Allaah, then Allaah sends rain can not be retained by the hard soil and wheat.

    Then the earth is washed so as glass. Then say to the earth, 'Cultivate your fruit and restore my blessings. "On that day a group of people eating pomegranate and they shelter with skin, milk is very blessed. In fact, a camel which almost bore sufficient for a group of people. A cow that is about to give birth to a single tribe sufficient. Yanghampir goat gave birth to a rate sufficient. In such circumstances, suddenly Allaah send a good wind, and the wind is wearing them under their armpits, so that the spirit of each of the believers and Muslims revoked. Who still remaining bad guys. People were having sex as a donkey (that is, men and women having sex openly in front of people without a sense of shame like a donkey). Thus, under such conditions come doomsday. (HR. Muslim)

Where the discharge of the Antichrist

    Of An-Nawwas bin Sam'an he said, the Prophet said about the Antichrist: Surely he will come out of the cracks between Sham and Iraq. Mischief on the right and on the left. (HR. Muslim)

Places that can not be entered Dajjal

    From Anas Bin Malik, he said, the Prophet SAW said: No one but the city will be trampled by the Antichrist except Makkah and Madinah. (Muttafaq alaih)

    Of a man of the companions of the Prophet, the Prophet actually said about the Antichrist: And he could not approach the four mosques: the Grand Mosque, the Mosque of Medina, Ath-Thuur Mosque and the Aqsa Mosque. (HR. Ahmad)

Followers of Dajjal

The majority of the followers of Dajjal are Jews, 'Ajam (nation other than Arabic), Turkey, and various people, most of the Arab Bedouin and women.

    From Anas bin Malik, indeed the Prophet SAW said: It follows from the Jewish Dajjal Asfahan many as 70,000 people, they wear green robes. (HR. Muslim)

Ways To Avoid From Defamation Dajjal

    Rasulullah SAW said: "Whoever memorized ten verses of Surah Kahf beginning then it will be safe from tampering Dajjal"

    And in another text: Those who see him from you, let him read the letter opener al-Kahf. (HR. Muslim)

The fall of the Prophet Isa ibn Maryam

    After the Antichrist out and do mischief on earth, Allaah will reduce the Prophet Isa ibn Maryam. He is down to earth on the east side of the White Tower Damascus (Syria), he put his hands on the wings of two angels, and then he kills the Dajjal, he will reign on earth with Islamic law, in the future it will be calm, and peaceful world. Jesus will live on earth for seven years, and then he died.

The release of Gog and Magog
Gog and Magog are two people of the descendants of Adam. They were men strong, no one can resist. Their exit signs including one large doomsday. They will make a huge damage on earth, then Jesus and his companions prayed for their destruction, then they all die.

Gog and Magog are descendants of the tribes of Yafits son of Noah. They will appear at the end of time after the barrier wall made by Dhu'l-Qarnayn broken. Then they make mischief in the land with a variety of heinous acts. Because of the large number of them, they will eat any food and plants are met and drank lake Thabariyah up as if there was never any water.

    Until, when opened (wall) Gog and Magog, and they fell rapidly from all the high places. (QS. Al Anbiya 96)

After the fall of the Prophet Jesus and his companions to the earth, he prayed to God. Then God sent birds bring Gog and Magog and throw them in the desired place by Allaah. Then God sends rain to cleanse the earth. Then there came a blessing on the earth, seem vegetables and fruits, and was a blessing in plants and animals.

Three events setting of Land (Avalanche)

Among the signs of the apocalypse big is big landslide, ie landslides in the East, landslides in the West, and landslides in the Arabian Peninsula.

Ilustrasi landslide Earth

The emergence Haze

The emergence of fog in the end times, including signs of doomsday great.

Signs KiamatCiri Doomsday: The emergence Haze

    Then wait for the day when the sky brings a real fog. Which includes manusia.Inilah painful punishment (QS. Ad Dukhoon 10-11)

    From Abu Hurayrah from the Prophet, he said: haste charity Salih (before) six cases: the rising sun from a sinking (to the west) or fog or Dajjal or animal or death or the Day of Judgment. (HR. Muslim)

Publication of the Sun From the West

Rising of the sun from the west, including one sign of doomsday great. He was the first major sign that notifies changes in natural conditions. Among the arguments of the release are as follows:

 Doomsday: Sunrise of West

    From Abu Hurairoh, indeed the Prophet SAW said, not going to happen the day of Resurrection so that the sun rises from the west. When the sun rose from the west then all men will believe on that day: it is not useful anymore for himself a person of faith who is not a believer before that, or he is (not) seek the good of his faith during (muttafaq alaihi)

    From Abdullah bin Amr he said, I heard the Prophet SAW said, Verily first sign of doomsday comes out is the sunrise from the west and exit of animals to humans at the time of Duha. Whatever of both the first from the others, then others will follow in the near future. (HR. Muslim)

The exit of the Reptile

Creeping discharge at the end of time is one of the major signs of the apocalypse. He will appear and give signs in humans over their noses. Curb nose infidels and illuminate the face of those who believe. Among the arguments of the release is:

    And if the words had fallen upon them, we remove a kind of creeping thing of the earth who will say to them, that the man actually were not sure the verses Us. (QS. An-Naml 82)

    From Abu Hurairah, he said, the Prophet SAW said: If it has been out of three cases it is no longer useful for the faith of someone who is not a believer himself before it, or he (yet) seek goodness in the future faith: the rising sun from the west, the Antichrist, and creeping things of the earth. (HR. Muslim)

The exit of Fire The Herding Humans

It would appear the great fire of Yemen, and it is a sign of the apocalypse are large and the first signs that proclaim that day on the Day of Judgement. He will come out of Yemen, then spread over the earth and lead people toward the field Mahsyar.

Signs  Doomsday: The Will of Fire Human herding

    From Anas bin Malik, actually Abdullah bin Salam when converted to Islam, he asked the Prophet about some problems. Among them: whether the first signs of the Day of Judgment? The Prophet replied, The first sign of the Day of Judgment is the fire that lead people from East to West. (HR. Bukhari)