Characteristics of the Child Pregnant Man Or Woman - easily distinguish

Characteristics of the Child Pregnant Man Or Woman - easily distinguish

Are you pregnant now? Surely you wonder whether sex would God give to your baby, right? Actual expected sex every mother is different and it's not too big a problem. However, there is no harm in also knowing how that would determine the sex of the baby that might look funny at birth later. There are many myths that mention the characteristics of pregnant boys and girls. Among them are the body parts were changed and the symptoms are caused during pregnancy. Not all symptoms and myths that occur during the khamilan can ascertain clearly how the sex of your baby. However, with the help of ultrasound at this time you can see a baby in your belly at the same time know the sex they have.
Characteristics of the Child Pregnant Man Or Woman - easily distinguish

Pregnancy Signs sign that can be seen for the Fetus Male

Many believe there are signs that could be the benchmark circumstances of sex that will be owned by their baby. In this case we will clarify some things that might increase your knowledge about the characteristics of pregnancy boy, let's check 'em out!

1. The emergence of acne

During pregnancy, many hormones that work and perform a wide variety of natural activity in the body. In this case, no one believes that the acne on your face show that will have a baby boy. Regardless of whether or not it is, but many were admitted to having a baby as expected

2. The size of the stomach and breast

According to many pegakuan of women who are pregnant, stomach size can indicate the sex of the candidates for the baby. If the size of your stomach is small, it will have a kind of boy who does it is experienced by many pregnant women. However, you can only get the female sex is the same. In the breast, there will be changes in size can also be a clue to know the sex of your baby. Umumny breast size will be enlarged because it is related to the preparation of breastfeeding. However, if one of your breasts have a larger size or smaller, can be used as a sign of the baby's sex. For boys, usually indicated by a greater right breast.

3. Changes in the temperature of the feet and hands

On the soles of your feet during pregnancy will feel different than usual. For child sex male, feet will feel colder. This is believed to indicate the sex of your baby is male. Also on hand will feel dry and also shows the characteristics of pregnant boy. Oran many who believe these two signs as a sign of gender unborn child is male.

Apart from a wide range of signs above, which is more important to maintain the state of the baby is from her own mother. The mothers will be a place for the baby to undergo a pregnancy in the stomach. So, it is necessary khsusus attention and good treatment of the mother. Sebsia may be able to maintain the lifestyle especially health aspects of food. For all sorts of nutrients received by the baby comes from the food consumed by the mother. Husband's role to oversee environmental health will also be an important contribution in pregnancy. With the healthy treatment, then knowing the pregnancy can be a great way to provide good care during pregnancy itself.

Can Knowing Early Fetal Sex?

With so many signs to know the characteristics of pregnant boys and girls, the mother could be more enthusiasm in undergoing the process of pregnancy. Boys and girls, both a gift for each pair of the most beautiful new building household. With the presence of the baby in life, it will add to the happiness that is being built by each partner. So, by looking at both sides of the various myths and also the signs are there, you can reap a lot of lessons about how to care for and maintain the condition of the womb so that later could be born alive and healthy.

So knowing about the sex has a positive side, but keep in mind that whatever the sex of the fetus you this time, it is the most beautiful gift of God for your family.