Color and Hair Model Making Visible Face Old!

Color and Hair Model Making Visible Face Old!

You've tried all the skin care products that promise the face look more youthful, but never succeeded? Why is that and what is wrong? Perhaps the mistake lies in your hair. Because, the wrong hair style to make the face look older, you know!
Color and Hair Model Making Visible Face Old!

Find out error causes hair styling face look older, as manifested by many experts hairstyling world following:

You dye your hair is too dark or too bright
Gray hair tends to white so synonymous with aging factors. But, gray hair is not the only color spectrum that gives the impression of old. According to expert hair coloring, hair color is too dark or too bright greatly affect the appearance of aging.

"Hair color should seem natural and unnatural. Although you have blond or brown hair and want red color, everything should remain impressed and approached gradation natural hair color and skin, "advises Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director eSalon.

Normally, we tend to choose a bold or bright colors to make it look fresh and young, in fact, this idea is very wrong. You simply work around this through the application of highlights and lowlights to soften the impression of strong and rigid dimension of chemical colors that are not natural. Pastikanhighlights falls right in the face area and bangs to brighten the skin.
Hair styling errors cause the face look older

Hair styling errors cause the face look older

You choose the style haircut
Understand that not all of haircut according to your face and personality. Hair style is too old-fashioned or standard makes instantaneously women look older than her age. Coiffure exact figure will hide age and instead shift the focus eyes on other things. According to Gustavo Briand, Hairdresser Vidal Sassoon.

Andrew Barton, hairdresser Hollywood celebrities also recommend cutting hair shorter, such as bob or lob the bottom end or slightly tapered bangs made to reinforce the jaw and cheeks seem to give the impression of taut.

You too excessive hairstyling
Another important thing rather than a haircut and hair color is the way your hair. Penny James, renowned Hollywood hairdresser once certified tricologis  Keranique brand ambassador, revealed that all the excess in the hair styling will only damage the image of the appearance.

"Too excessive coloring, bleaching, or using hair styling products and tools, will damage the hair health. Contained chemicals such as sulfates, parabens and alcohol have a negative impact on your crown, "he said.

To avoid this, James suggest you invest in quality products and routine care to free the hair of products and styling tools that majority. Select products and hair care at least containing peptides, amino acids, and proteins to strengthen hair follicles so that hair is thicker.

You do not routinely perform trimming
Hair tangled, branching, and untidy will create a bad impression and old in the face. The hair is neat and natural certainly make a face so fresh and healthy. Fernando Salas, hair beauty consultant from White Sands recommend that you visit the salon or hairdresser six weeks to 'trimming' or straighten hair.