How to Make Eyebrows Sexy As Artis Korea

How to Make Eyebrows Sexy As Artis Korea

For those of you who are too bored to form thick eyebrows and a bit messy, it's time to try the trend tips straight eyebrows thin style Korean women. Although not new, but this trend has started being applied by the majority of women in Indonesia.

They assume if a straight style thin eyebrows more easily formed, it takes time, and naturally impressed eyebrow models other than the outward appearance. In addition, natural eyebrow shape is believed to create a thin straight face effect is more fresh and youthful.
How to Make Eyebrows Sexy As Artis Korea

Dede Berliani, Makeup Artist Professional share an easy way to shape eyebrows thin straight natural that you can do yourself at home. Here are the steps:

First, make sure the eyebrow hair has been trimmed first. Use tweezers to revoke the fine hairs that grow in Area eyebrows. It must be remembered, this trick is easier to do for those who are accustomed to shave or smoothed brow (virgin eyebrow).

If you have not, you are advised to shape eyebrows first so the result is perfect. If it still feels less, add concealer to cover the hairs that grow messy.

Secondly, pulaskan powder using a special brush in a thin layer. Powder function removes residual dirt, feathers or oil attached. Make sure the powder sweep movement in the direction of the tip to the outer side.

Third, eyebrow hair brush pointing up and add eyebrow powder. We recommend using a special brush starting from the bottom end of the eyebrow in a straight line to shape eyebrows frame. Slowly, Dab eyebrow powder in the center of the brow to fill the empty area.

Fourth, drawing eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil brown color quality so that applications do not easily fade or disappear. Starting from the center toward the outside, then use a brush or small-sized beauty blender to connect the deepest end that seemed more natural.

Fifth, add mascara gel blonde color (blonde) or brown to reinforce the shape of the eyebrows. Remember, when applying mascara to the brow should be thin and floating, so the results do not agglomerate.