This is the Three Anti-Aging Facial Treatment Methods Latest

 This is the Three Anti-Aging Facial Treatment Methods Latest

Anti aging sentence seems to be a new definition in the world of beauty. The term, all methods or beauty products shall offer anti-aging feature to be able to reach the consumer market.

This is evident from the three methods of anti-aging facial treatments latest presented by Whitney Bowe, MD, a dermatologist from New York. Whitney revealed that in 2015, almost all women want the best version in its own right, including aging skin conditions.
This is the Three Anti-Aging Facial Treatment Methods Latest

"Fortunately the dream of the women welcomed with advanced tools and technologies that can help control the aging process. The result was further optimized and naturally without spending a lot of time, one of which is non-invasive aesthetic surgery, "said Whitney.

Slack skin problems like wrinkles and wrinkles on the face, now this can be addressed through anti-aging facial treatment method that makes the face appear to date much younger and fresh:

Plusher Lips
This treatment claims tagline "No more duck face" for all women. Restylane is an injectable filler Silk designed specifically and specifically authorized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to improve the texture and contour the skin.
In addition to correcting the lips, injectable fillers also eliminate lines around the upper lip without making it swell. Restylane Silk claimed to be able to reach the molecules in the skin which is much smaller than usual because Restylane shaped grains of sand and small pebbles. For your information, the price of treatment plusher lips priced at 750 US dollars.

Defined Cheeks

Line shape smile (smile lines) can be formed when the bone, muscle and fat in the cheeks shrink. Well, this condition usually occurs when about to enter the age of 30 years. The latest study approach, ie Sculptra filler containing acid or a poly-L-lactic placed into the top of the cheekbone area for press and lift the skin back into place. If you are interested, filler Sculptra treatment costs around 900 US dollars.

Easily, injection filler particles claimed to be able to replace lost collagen skin. The result will appear about three months after treatment. With regular maintenance, the treatment effect will last approximately two to three years.

Stronger Jawline
Whitney suggested two methods of treatment are relied upon to sustain the shape of the jaw to avoid slack. The first is ultherapy that uses ultrasound waves to tighten tissue on the inside and on top of the muscle.

The second is that Thermage uses radio frequency energy to the various types of waves that are tailored to the needs. Thermage allegedly could not penetrate the innermost and smallest part, and quite painful.

"My preference is to ultherapy because it works better for thick and oily skin. Meanwhile, Thermage is suitable for thin and delicate skin, "Whitney lid.