How To Know Pregnant or not and Signs of Pregnancy

How To Know Pregnant or not and Signs of Pregnancy

How To Know Pregnant Or Not Pregnant, Tutorials & Signs of Pregnancy - Late coming months which is one of the common signs of pregnancy for women, but sometimes hard to ensure positive pregnant just because late in coming months. Women in fertile conditions can very easily be fertilized or the chance of pregnancy after intercourse was sublime.

If a woman has a regular menstrual cycle, can be taken lightly at all sure when that time matching for planning a pregnancy. But if in a state of never-regular menstrual cycles, the possibility of hard specify fertile period For planning a pregnancy. For know whether we are in the fertile or not let's read here. 
How To Know Pregnant or not and Signs of Pregnancy

How To Know Pregnant Or Not Pregnant, Tutorials & Signs of Pregnancy

The following are guidelines and common signs of pregnancy that lasts for normal women.

1. Use pregnancy test facility: Media pregnancy tests which are marketed in the market often do not pass the most sensitive for detecting pregnancy until approximately one week after late coming months. Becomes, when you reach a negative result, try again in many day. After you find the results of a positive reply, immediately prepare everything for maintaining pregnancy.

2. By watching the Menstrual Cycle: Watching the menstrual cycle here means tagged along late coming months. If coming months the average passable You regularly and arrive suitable dikala, you might be able to carry a pregnancy test long before you watch any of the above symptoms. However, if not routine, so the above singal likely to appear before you realize plainly menstrual You do not have time to come again most do not For the next 10 months.

3. By measuring the temperature of the body: If you've recorded your basal body temperature and you watch that the temperature is still high as 18 day a row, you could be pregnant.

4. Swelling Breast: One of the early signs of pregnancy is that sensitive breast, leaning hurts when touched due to increased hormone levels. It felt like wanted menstruation. Inconvenience You can sdaynk a significant manner after the initial trimester, because the body you adjust along hormonal changes.

5. Fatigue: Feeling tired all of a sudden when no central activity that draining? Yes, neither knows what causes fatigue of early pregnancy, but may increase rapidly hormone progesterone which menyumbangnya. You became the light drowsiness. You will start to feel more energetic since after you reach the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, although fatigue will reappear at the end of pregnancy. Against this phase, you could just as well could have problems sleeping. You take approximately when his body weight is not small and the many common discomforts of pregnancy make it more difficult to obtain the midnight sleep that well.

6. Bleeding tiny: So Many women have a small amount of vaginal bleeding day approximately 11 or 12 day after fertilization. Bleeding can be caused by "digging" the egg into the uterine lining blood You - the fruit of a process that began just six day after fertilization - but neither knows of course. Very very light bleeding (appears also as red spots or red or reddish-brown youth) and only occurs one or two day. (Let your doctor know if you watch no bleeding or spotting, especially if accompanied with pain, because it could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy).

7. Nausea or vomiting: If you, like most women, you can experience the so-called morning sickness, is the discomfort of the body accompanied by nausea and vomiting which, usually against day morning. But many women start to feel nauseous since early. And not just in the morning day, can also day noon or midnight. Generally, these symptoms will be completed to the beginning of the 2nd trimester.

8. Sensitivity to odors rise: When You are Pregnant young, able to be a sandwich or a cup of coffee and a certain scent could provoke nausea. Although neither knows of course, this could be the side effects of the rapid increase in the amount of estrogen in the system Tubun You. You were able to find that certain foods that mean you enjoy with gusto, suddenly become repulsive to you.

9. Flatulence: Hormonal changes to early pregnancy able to create you feel bloated, with a feeling similar to the many women who experienced it before menstruation. That's why clothes You might feel a little cramped, mostly at the waist.

Rarely 10. No small bowel: Immediately after you become pregnant, you chances of finding yourself You rush to the bathroom all the time when. Why? Mainly because while pregnancy the amount of blood and other fluids in the body increases, which is processed by the kidneys etc. You and stopped in the bladder You. These symptoms could be since it began six weeks in the first trimester You and continued even more so to the final trimester of pregnancy due to pressure on the bladder. or worsen as the pregnancy progresses and the baby You grow more pressure to the bladder You.